Residential Recycled Water Program

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Delta Diablo Residential Recycled Water Fill Station

Last day of operation:  November 12, 2016

To Delta Diablo’s valued residential recycled fill station customers, because of the cooler weather, increasing precipitation and decreasing participation, the Fill Station's last operating day of the season will be November 12, 2016.  We are now beginning an extensive examination of the results of this pilot project and exploring options for the best long-term use of our limited recycled water.  Part of the investigation will include the viability of providing this service again in the future. Fill Station updates will be communicated through this page and email notifications in the spring of 2017.  If you are not signed up for email notifications, please click here.


Delta Diablo is committed to the responsible use of all water resources and supports the statewide efforts to conserve potable water supplies. With drought impacts affecting our region, Delta Diablo recently completed a customer survey to determine current interest in recycled water fill station service. The District appreciates the customer interest and support for this service which resulted in a successful pilot program offering in 2015. In response to the high level of interest and broad support for the residential use of recycled water, the Delta Diablo Board of Directors approved operation of the residential recycled water fill station for the 2016 irrigation season. Residential recycled water service is offered on a complimentary basis for users to supplement their existing irrigation water supplies.

Program Guidelines

Eligible participants include residents from Antioch, Bay Point and Pittsburg.

The recycled water can be used to hand-water lawns, gardens and landscaping to help save drinking water supplies.

The recycled water has not been treated to drinking water standards and should not be ingested or allowed to run off into storm drains.

Location and Hours

The Delta Diablo Fill Station is located at Delta Diablo's water resource recovery facility, 2500 Pittsburg-Antioch Hwy on the border between Pittsburg and Antioch.

The hours of operation are:

Wednesday: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

This operating schedule
may be adjusted during the season in response to weather conditions and responsible irrigation practices.  The Fill Station is not open during rainy conditions (rain the day of, prior to, or the day after).  Residents are not able to receive recycled water outside of the posted operation hours.  The last day of operation for the irrigation season is November 19, 2016.

How to Obtain Recycled Water

  • Registered users who completed the training in 2015 may access the Fill Station with their existing Approved User ID card in 2016.
  • For new users, please take the time to review the Residential Recycled Water Use Application/Agreement prior to your first visit to the Fill Station.  Once at the Fill Station you will receive training on the proper use of recycled water, complete the Application/Agreement, and be issued an Approved User ID card.
  • Bring your own containers, which must have water-tight lids and be secured for safe transport. The minimum container size is 1 gallon.  NOTE:  Garbage cans (metal or plastic) are not suitable containers for safely transporting water and will not be allowed.
  • The maximum fill per trip is 300 gallons.  There is no limit on number of trips per day.
  • Please note…water is heavy!  Ten gallons weigh more than 80 pounds; 100 gallons weigh more than 800 pounds.  When driving vehicles with such heavy loads, be sure to allow for additional stopping distances.
  • If watering your front yard, lawn signs indicating the use of recycled water are available.  Please ask the attendant when visiting the Fill Station.

For more information about the Delta Diablo Residential Recycled Water Fill Station, please contact us by email at or call 925.756.1900.

ecycled Water Containers

Customers are using a variety of containers, as well as pumps for pumping water from containers to a manual sprinkler or wand.  A list of suggestions, with sources is provided courtesy of Dublin San Ramon Services District.

Your containers must have water-tight lids and not leak.  Minimum container size is one gallon.  Maximum load is 300 gallons, but you can return as often as you like.  We are enforcing the 300-gallon limit.  If you arrive with a container that holds more than 300 gallons, you will only be allowed to take 300 gallons.  If you show up with two large totes that each hold 275 gallons or more, you will be turned away and not allowed to fill either tote.

At the end of the season, containers must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water) before they can be used for potable (drinking) water.

Do Not Connect to Buried Irrigation Systems

Tanks, pumps, hoses, and equipment that contain recycled water must not be connected to buried irrigation systems, even if those systems are disconnected from your drinking water system.  This is a human health concern.  We do not want you or your neighbors to end up drinking recycled water due to an illegal interconnection between the drinking water supply and recycled water supply.  Any such connection violates the state’s drinking water regulations, the Residential Recycled Water Use Application/Agreement you sign in order to use the fill station, and your city’s water code.  Violators may be subject to fines and loss of Fill Station privileges.

Recycled Water Quality

The recycled water produced by Delta Diablo meets all regulatory requirements for unrestricted non-potable uses.  For recycled water quality data, click here.

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